The return to astable growth

After three years of continuous steady growth the Romanian media market is ready to close the gap with 2008 levels in the next two years to come. The advertising industry is usually at the forefront of the overall economic evolutions. Therefore the positive impact of the recent economic boom upon the Romanian advertising and media industry was obvious starting 2015.
Romania registered in 2017 the largest economic growth in the EU endorsed by the highest consumption growth, also being fueled by the highest salary rises and one of the largest growths of the employment rate.

Due to inventory being constantly exceeded by demand, media pricing inflation was a natural consequence. The market is regulated in terms of cost by the increasing demand and limited supply, therefore 2017 was the year of aggressive cost inflation.

As the media spend per capita in Romania is far behind the global average or the European average, there is room for temperate growth in advertising volumes for Romania in the following years, as long as the economy will also maintain a healthy growth.

Veronica Savanciuc Veronica Savanciuc President
Octavian Popescu Octavian Popescu Vicepresident
Alexandra Olteanu Alexandra Olteanu Managing Director
Media Factbook — 2018 Romania

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