Nobody can stop the unstoppable!

2016 was a great and promising year for media industry in general.

10% rate of growth is amazing taking into consideration the previous two years with 3%-6%, and by keeping the same pace of growth in the following years the market will reach its 2008 record peak in 2020.

In 2016, the Romanian economy registered one of the highest GDP growths in the last 8 years: 4.8% and is expected to be +3.7% in 2017, well above European average.
Accordingly, for 2017 the media spend/capita is expected to consolidate its up-trend, empowered by further increase in household consumption.
So, there is room for growing in advertising volumes for Romania in the following years, as long as the economy will also flourish.

While the media market constantly inovates itself, please feel free to browse through this website and read the 2017 edition of our Media Fact Book.

Veronica Savanciuc Veronica Savanciuc President
Octavian Popescu Octavian Popescu Vicepresident
Alexandra Olteanu Alexandra Olteanu Managing Director
Media Factbook — 2017 Romania

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