What will happen in media, will stay in digital!

The end of 2015 was the confirmation that the media market is on a stable growth trend. Over the last years the total market oscillated between 309 Mio euro in 2011 and 305 Mio euro net in 2013, had a boost to 313 Mio euro in 2014 and reached in 2015 it’s “after crisis” peak of ad revenues at 332 Mio euro (6% growth vs. 2014). The total market is expected to consolidate its upward trend in 2016, by keeping the same growth rate of 6% vs. 2015.

Over the last couple of years the brands in Romania have been focused increasingly on innovation especially in the digital area.

While the media market constantly innovates itself, please feel free to browse through this website and read the 2016 edition of our Media Fact Book.

Veronica Savanciuc Veronica Savanciuc President
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