About MFB

Veronica Savanciuc Veronica Savanciuc President
Octavian Popescu Octavian Popescu Vicepresident
Alexandra Olteanu Alexandra Olteanu Managing Director

The Media Fact Book was born in 1997 out of our media market knowledge and our passion for media. It has been published annually ever since. Along the way we have continuously developed and improved upon it.

We pride ourselves on being the only media agency in Romania to publish this information along with our views on the current media market. This says a lot about who we are, what we do and how we do it; it’s because we’re good at what we do! Passion, dedication and professionalism (not to mention countless hours of data extraction and analysis) is what we put into each edition of our Media Fact Book. The final result is a publication that is eagerly awaited and has been raising its standards for each of the past 20 years.

Last year, our Media Fact Book arrived on the desks of more than 3,500 professionals across numerous industries and geographies. This makes the Media Fact Book not only locally targeted product, but also a reference reading for international professionals.

This year, we introduced a new chapter: Future Media Trends. Because it was a success, we maintained CEE Country Pulse chapter, a collection of data from local Initiative offices that we crunched and analysed in order to offer you a larger picture on Romanian media market’s place in the region.

Every year we devoted more specialists, with more experience, and spent more hours writing and analysing our Fact Book. This is to strengthen our conviction that the Media Fact Book is the most comprehensive analysis of the Romanian media industry.

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