People’s new relationshipwith content

Television holds the supremacy of budgets in the advertising market, but free-to-digital (YouTube) platforms or paid video streaming platforms have convinced the consumer to spend important time outside the TV set.

We estimate that 2.5 million people use Netflix in Romania in 2018, and that over 600,000 are daily users. At the same time, the vast majority of our digital population is on Youtube – over 8 million adults.

Streaming, paid or free, is becoming the default way of interacting with content. But not with ads. For viewers, this is a welcome break from the wide exposure to advertising on commercial TV stations. For brands and agencies it’s a serious issue, expected to grow bigger.

Could we ever live happily together, consumers, advertisers and content providers?
Outstanding creativity has always been a solution – unfortunately, one in short supply. What we are looking for is an easier-to-replicate answer, one which could be systematically applied to most businesses.

We aim this year to bring a little more light to video consumption in Romania – throughout the year we will do quantitative studies to capture the transformations within the TV and video digital media consumption.

Let’s see what happened in the media market last year!

Veronica Savanciuc Veronica Savanciuc President
Alexandra Olteanu Alexandra Olteanu Managing Director
Media Factbook — 2019 Romania

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